About Us - Creative07
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About Us

Creative07 is a menswear fashion brand, founded in Milan, Italy. Creative07 has a gentlemen elegance and a modern touch of vitality. The design of this elegant and urban style attracts men from 20 to 40 years of age totally life-oriented.

As suggested by the brand itself, Creative07 pays much attention to creativity. Creative07 wants to bring about a new way to show success, completely detached from superficiality and without fancy appearances. What is important for Creative07 is the profoundness and the truth, the love for an artistic life and the path leading to spiritual wealth.

This brand integrates the beauty and attention for details of the European style and the urban design by selecting high quality fabrics and manufacturing the products in Italy.

As of today, Creative07 has sold its products in more than 160 shops in many countries around the world, in European and Asian markets.